How do I install Microsoft Publisher?

Answer Open the Microsoft Publisher home page in your Internet browser (see Resources). Click "Buy Publisher 2007" in the middle of the page. Click "Buy Now" or "Upgrade Now", depending on whether you own... Read More »

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How to Install Microsoft Office Publisher 2007?

Microsoft Publisher 2007 is a desktop publishing program that allows users to create cards, stationery, banners and even websites with a user friendly interface. The most novice computer user can q... Read More »

Can Microsoft Publisher open Microsoft Word files?

Microsoft Publisher can import Microsoft Word documents for use in its program. If you are using Publisher 2007, it can convert files from Word 97 to Word 2007. You can import a Word file or you ca... Read More »

Is Microsoft Publisher included in Microsoft Office XP?

Microsoft Office XP Standard Edition does not include Publisher. Some versions of Microsoft Office XP Professional Edition do include Microsoft Publisher. In cases where it does, the software will... Read More »

How do you put a brochure from microsoft publisher to microsoft word?

You can't transfer I don't think, but you could try on publisher pressing crtl+a, then crtl +c, then onto the transfer press ctrl + v. Just use a flashdrive, and bring it to your school?