How do I install Market on my Android Samsung Galaxy S2 phone?

Answer The App market comes pre-installed with the Samsung Galaxy S2, it might be asking you to create a gmail account as it usually does. but if it really isn't there, I'm sure you can get it off the int... Read More »

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What is the Best Android on the Market right now besides the Samsung Galaxy 3?

How do you update a Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (Android 2.1) from Market to Google Play?

it is automatic, if it doesnt that meanit is not supported.

Can you install Windows Phone 7 OS on a Samsung Vibrant phone to replace Android 2.1?

Impossible, its like asking can my DVD player play Blue ray. But what you could put on it is windows mobile, like the HD2 has, since both phones are practically the same.

Which phone is better - Samsung galaxy S advance or Samsung galaxy S2 plus?

galaxy s2 plus is an integration of is betterthan s has a brodcom processor. well you will get xperia ion for 22k. I would like to recommend you nexus 4 considering the fact that y... Read More »