How do I install Linux without a boot disk or CDs?

Answer Install Linux with USBAny Linux distribution can be run from a USB flash drive, provided ample space exists for the particular distribution. Copy the Linux distribution to your USB drive and plug ... Read More »

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How to Make a Linux Boot Disk From a USB?

A laptop is portable, and a tablet more portable still; but the most portable computer is the one you can carry in your pocket. Many Linux distributions can be installed right on a USB flash drive,... Read More »

How to Install SSD As a Boot Disk in Vista 64?

Solid state drives (SSDs) provide an incredibly fast boot time with Windows Vista 64-bit edition. The operating system can load in under a minute using a SSD to boot from. The SSD does not have any... Read More »

How to Install Linux from a Hard Disk?

Ever wanted to install a Linux distro without burning a CD? Well now you can.

How to Wipe Out a Hard Drive Without a Boot Disk?

Erasing the contents of a hard drive can certainly be accomplished from a DOS environment, but it can also be done through the installation process of your Windows operating system. This can be don... Read More »