How do I insert/make the Philippine Peso sign in Microsoft Word using the keyboard shortcut?

Answer 1. Type 20b1 2. Press Down Alt3. Press Down XSpecial Note: DO NOT SIMULTANEOUSLY PRESS DOWN ALT & X. Fist press down is the ALT key. Then second press down is the X key.Result: 20b1 will change int... Read More »

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What are the shortcut keys for the Philppine Peso sign?

Elizabeth Sevilla-Dusaban answered this similar question of how to insert/make a Philippine Peso sign in Microsoft Word:1. Type 20b12. Press Down the ALT key3. Press Down the X keySpecial Note: DO ... Read More »

Does anyone know a keyboard shortcut to strike through text in Word ?

I don't think there is any, but you can put a button on your menus to do the same thing.In Word versions prior to Word 2007 (Vista):1. Right-click on any menu and select Customize.2. Click the Comm... Read More »

Keyboard Techniques in Microsoft Word?

Word is a popular word processing program developed and distributed by Microsoft. Those who work with Microsoft Word frequently may benefit from employing the various keyboard shortcuts built into ... Read More »

How to Navigate a Document with Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is the most common word-processing application software used. It is user friendly and easy to navigate. Many users are familiar with using the mouse when working on a document in Mic... Read More »