How do I induce vomiting in dogs?

Answer Dogs are notorious for consuming things that they should probably not eat. When this happens, it is important to take the necessary actions to ensure that the dog does not get any more sick than it... Read More »

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How do you induce vomiting in dogs?

Discovering that your dog has ingested something it should not have can be terrifying. Your first instinct may be to induce vomiting, but many factors come into play, so let your veterinarian make... Read More »

How to Induce Vomiting?

If you are reading this because someone has ingested a substance and you want to consider vomiting you should call your local Poison Control first. Some substances can cause additional damage to yo... Read More »

I REALLY need help to induce vomiting?

No, you don't need to vomit. You need to stop binging.

What can be used to induce vomiting?

Ipecac is best...but two fingers down the back of the throat works too....or thinking of rosie o'donnell naked...that'll do it.