How do I increase computer speed for free?

Answer Computers tend to slow down over time as hardware ages and hard drives become cluttered with data. Paying to upgrade hardware such as RAM, hard drives, or video cards is a common way to increase co... Read More »

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How to increase speed of computer?

Many computer users are worried about their computer's performance. After spending lot of bucks, still they cannot have that charm of using PC as they had expected. Here I am going to explain some ... Read More »

Is it possible to increase the speed of computer?

Yes. Type the keys and click the mouse faster. You could also drop it off a tall cliff or building....or you could supercool the processor and increase its performance a great deal.

How to Increase the speed of computer?

Does Having a 320 GB Hardrive increase my computer's speed?

no it does not ... having a faster rpm harddrive with a larger cache and maybe putting a couple in raid will increase speed dramatically .. but not size ...