How do I improve the quality of imported videos in Sony Vegas?

Answer It's not uncommon for video to be jumpy, etc. on the play-back screen within a video editing program. Rendering the clips will help some. A computer needs to have lots of processing speed and memor... Read More »

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How to publish Sony Vegas Pro 9 videos?

Alright, uhh.This is a tough one.What you need to do is (once you have the project saved) Click File - Render As - Then, render as a Windows Media Video. This will be compatible with Windows DVD Ma... Read More »

Sony Vegas Videos Lag After Render! Please Help! What Do I Do?

sometimes it’s ur ISP bandwidth, but most of the time it ur system’s full of junk & temp files that it has to load every time it starts, like programs that load, at u don’t use right away, t... Read More »

Why are my videos so jumpy when editing in Sony Vegas?

I don't know about the Flip, but I have been experimenting with a Canon Vixia HD video camera. When editing clips in the raw format, my PC just about chokes trying to play it back, most likely bec... Read More »

Sony Vegas 9 my videos won't show just the audio?

I think you need convert your videos format to common format, because some videos format is hd video, you can use video converter to convert.Best luck!