How do I improve the mpg for an F-350 6.0L?

Answer Driving TipsDrive slower. states that you can improve your gas mileage by 15 percent driving 55 mph instead of 65 mph. The slower the truck is traveling, the less force the engine has... Read More »

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hey I think you're pretty :) why would you want to improve yourself? You can dye your hair if you want, it wouldnt look that bad, but I always liked girls that kept their natural looks. Whats truel... Read More »

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1.7.52. High cheekbones3.Eyebrows (which can easily be fixed with a quick waxingsession.)4.about 3 inches off and around 3-4 layers shorter bangs (but not to short)5. Lips: More of a red tint than ... Read More »

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