How do I improve the MPG on a Suburban?

Answer Driving TipsDrive slower as the first step to improving the miles per gallon of your Suburban, something everyone should know. Realize that going uphill uses more gas than being on a flat, so don't... Read More »

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How to Fix Suburban Brakes?

Poor brakes can cause serious problems, even on large vehicles like the Chevy Suburban. You need to get your brakes fixed as soon as possible. The number-one cause of bad brakes on any vehicle is w... Read More »

How to Be a Suburban Prep?

Are you the girl who's worn nothing but crappy T-shirts her whole life? Or are you the scene kid who's sick and tired of wearing skinny jeans and teased hair? No matter who you are, you can totally... Read More »

How to Time a Suburban?

Tapping on the acceleration of a Suburban you feel a sudden burst of power from the engine and the large SUV takes off down the road. This is possible thanks to a specially calibrated fuel injectio... Read More »

How to Drift in a Suburban?

Drifting a vehicle involves crossing the apex of a turn with the rear end stepped out in extreme oversteer and the front wheels compensating in full countersteer. Drifting in a Suburban holds addi... Read More »