How do I identify poplar trees?

Answer Poplar TreesIdentify a poplar tree by looking at its characteristic foliage. In the appropriate season the leaves on all poplars are simple; that is, they are single leaves with only one blade. In ... Read More »

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How do I Identify a Poplar Leaf?

Various types of poplar trees occur across most of the United States, with these trees used for such purposes as shade trees and ornamentals, in addition to growing in the wild. Poplars have the ni... Read More »

How do i tap poplar trees?

Collect Sap in the SpringPlan your sap collection for early spring when temperatures begin rising above freezing. Collect sap daily in the afternoon. After about three or four weeks, sap production... Read More »

How do I transplant poplar trees?

Prepare the TreeWater the tree thoroughly three days before you plan to transplant it. Poplar trees are best moved in the spring before they bud, but they can also be moved in the fall after losing... Read More »

How do I kill poplar trees?

Cut Them DownHire a professional arborist to cut the poplar trees down and remove them. Never try and kill a poplar tree slowly, as it may fall at an unpredictable time and direction.Remove the Stu... Read More »