How do I identify male& female cats?

Answer Sexing the CatsDetermine the sex of kittens or neutered adults by looking at the opening of the vulva or penis. In females, the vulva contains a slit, where the male's prepuce has a circular openin... Read More »

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What TV show featured 3 cats a female calico and two male cats one grey and one black as well as a brown dog and a yellow bird?

How do I tell the difference between male& female cats?

Look Under TailView the location underneath the cat's tail. According to, both male and female cats have two openings underneath the tail. The top opening is the anus while the bottom ... Read More »

How to Identify Male and Female Guppies?

Guppies are one of the species of livebearers whose gender you can easily identify. In this How To you will learn a few basic differences between the male and the female guppies.

How do i identify male and female winterberry?

Look for berries on the winterberry shrub. Only female plants bear fruits. Check all parts of the shrub as old berries may still linger on lower branches or they may be dried and mummified but stil... Read More »