How do I identify asbestos?

Answer Asbestos was so widely used in the 20th century that any building built between 1920 and 1986 could contain asbestos construction materials. Common asbestos containing construction materials can be... Read More »

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How do I identify asbestos in a landfill?

Identify signsLook to see if the landfill is specifically designated for asbestos-containing products. If such a landfill is present, federal law requires that a sign be on the premises that warns ... Read More »

How do I identify white asbestos?

Wear a protective dust mask to avoid breathing in any potential asbestos. Asbestos' primary dangers are related to inhalation, but also wear disposable gloves. The gloves will help you avoid transf... Read More »

How do I identify asbestos in flooring?

Asbestos, a type of mineral fiber known to create health dangers, cannot be detected without a microscope. Contact a trained asbestos professional for sampling if you are concerned about asbestos i... Read More »

How do I identify asbestos in the home?

Where Asbestos Is FoundIt is likely that a house built between 1920 and 1986 will have components that contain asbestos. Asphalt shingles, roofing adhesives, exterior cement siding, clapboard, indo... Read More »