How do I identify a Royal Doulton Toby jug?

Answer Toby Jug IdentificationDetermine whether the item is a real Toby jug. These collectibles are always approximately 2.5-inch to 8-inch-tall jugs painted in full color and molded to depict a seated pe... Read More »

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How to Identify a Royal Doulton Toby Mug?

Toby mugs and jugs are popular character collectibles made by several different pottery firms. The first Toby jugs featured a seated man in period dress, including a tricorn hat that formed the spo... Read More »

Is the Toby mug made only by Royal Doulton?

Toby mugs and jugs are closely associated with Royal Doulton, which made many of them. However, they were also made by other British manufacturers such as Beswick, Crown Devon, Melba Ware, Sylvan,... Read More »

Are Royal Doulton Toby Jugs dishwasher safe?

When did Doulton become Royal Doulton?

In 1901, The Doulton Company became The Royal Doulton Company after receiving the distinction of a "Royal Warrant" from then British monarch, King Edward VII. To receive this mark of distinction, a... Read More »