How do I identify a Prada knockoff?

Answer Fake LogosCheck your Prada logo to make sure it's the real deal. All Prada bags have the logo in all capital letters. The tail end of the capital "R" in Prada points in a diagonal line, rather than... Read More »

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What is the difference between real Prada& fake Prada?

There are subtle differences between a well-made Prada bag and a competent fake. A savvy shopper can tell the difference based on a few clues.Main DifferenceThe main difference between real and fak... Read More »

Is Prada Milano the same as Prada?

Prada Milano is the same thing as Prada. Prada is a fashion company based out of Milan, Italy. Style and fashion connoisseurs rely on Prada to provide new and interesting looks at high prices.Refer... Read More »

How to Know If a Bag Is a Knockoff?

A knockoff handbag offering a designer look at a fraction of the retail price may seem like a harmless purchase. However, the illegal reproduction of designer handbags is not a victimless crime. Mo... Read More »

Cheap "gopro" knockoff?

Get the H2, new they are $200, used even less (there is little to go wrong, they either work or they don't)The H2 is EXACTLY the same camera (both video and still specs) as the H3 Silver. The diffe... Read More »