How do I identify a Norway maple leaf ?

Answer The Norway maple is a species native to Scandinavian countries, Russia and much of Central Europe. It is a desirable shade tree, but when it "escapes" into nearby woodlands via its large number of ... Read More »

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How to Identify a Gooseberry With a Maple-Like Leaf?

According to the USDA, there are more than 46 known species and varieties of gooseberry found in the Ribes genus of fruiting plants. Granite gooseberry, known botanically as Ribes curvatum, possess... Read More »

How do I prune a Norway maple?

Prune ProperlyPrune Norway maple trees during the dormant winter or early spring season before new growth begins. Prune branches at the point where the branch meets the stem, making the cut at an a... Read More »

Does the Norway maple have deep roots?

The Norway maple (Acer platanoides) has a shallow root system. The roots of the Norway maple rise to the surface and make mowing under the tree difficult. Sidewalks are prone to damage from the roo... Read More »

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