How do I hook up my Macbook to a TV?

Answer Your need a Mini-DVI to Video cable adapter, a Mini-DVI to DVI adapter, or a Mini-DVI to VGA adapter (all sold at the Apple store). Which one you'll use will depend on the type of ports on your TV.... Read More »

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Can i use a dvi cable to hook up my macbook pro to my tv?

No problem. There are a number of HDMI to DVI cables out… is one page of them. DVI does not do audio so you will have to use another method for that.

How to Hook Up Creative 5.1 to Your Macbook Pro?

Hook up your Creative 5.1 speaker system to play the songs and audio files on your Macbook Pro's hard drive over the system's surround sound. Your Macbook Pro features a headphone jack that allows ... Read More »

What cords would I need to hook up my Macbook Pro to my TV?

I use a HDMI cord which you can get here: Read More »

How to Hook Up an Amplifier to a MacBook Pro?

Like most computers, the MacBook Pro comes with a 1/8-inch stereo port for use with headphones or speakers. This format is usually referred to as a "mini" adapter. Amplifiers on most stereo systems... Read More »