How do I hook up 12-volt batteries in a series?

Answer Connect the negative terminal of one 12-volt battery to the positive terminal of the next 12-volt battery with a heavy gauge insulated wire rated for 24 volts to connect the two batteries in a seri... Read More »

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Can you use two 12-volt batteries wired in series with a 12-volt trolling motor?

No. Wiring in series stacks the voltage being delivered. Two 12-volt batteries in series deliver 24 volts, which causes permanent damage and a fire hazard in a 12-volt trolling motor. Wire the batt... Read More »

How to Hook Up 2 x 6 Volt Batteries in Parallel?

There are many devices designed to use 6 volt batteries because of their convenient size. Wheelchairs, scooters, golf carts and lanterns are a few examples of devices that can place a heavy demand ... Read More »

How Do I Hook Two 12 Volt Batteries in Parallel?

Hooking batteries in parallel increases the ampere-hour rating of the combined batteries without increasing the voltage. This increases the capacity of the battery and the run time of the device it... Read More »

How do I charge two 12 volt batteries in series?

Use the Same Type BatteriesMake sure the batteries are rated equally for usage type and capacity. For instance, automobile starter batteries are designed for 2 percent to 5 percent discharge, while... Read More »