How do I hook my external hard drive to a Linksys?

Answer An external hard drive is a basic hard drive component made to be moved from computer to computer and attached for uploading or downloading large amounts of data. While useful for storage, it can b... Read More »

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How do I hook an external hard drive to a PS3?

FormatPurchase a compatible external USB connect hard drive. Using GParted or some other similar partition program on your computer, format the hard drive to FAT32.ConnectPlug the formatted hard dr... Read More »

Is It possible to hook up an external hard drive to a laptop?

If the laptop is less than 5 years old, it should have a "USB PORT". Buy a hard drive that uses "USB". 3 things to thing about:USB/FIREWIRE - if your laptop has a firewire port then you can buy a f... Read More »

How to Hook Up an External Hard Drive to a TV Without a Computer?

Sometimes you may want to display images, video files or music stored on an external hard drive. But instead of gathering a large group around a PC, it makes more sense to connect the external hard... Read More »

I want to hook-up a external hard drive to two computers. how do i get both to read it.?

Two computers cannot directly control the same drive. The equipment does not have the intelligence to manage it.There are two possible ways. Both require a home network:1) Connect the drive to one... Read More »