How do I homeschool my preschoolers at home Ages 2 and 4.?

Answer I am a stay home dad. I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old. I am interested in finding out more about homeschooling myself... the actual curriculum and schedules others use, as well as where my ch... Read More »

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How to Homeschool With Infants, Toddlers, or Preschoolers?

Maybe you have been successfully homeschooling older children. You have developed your academic goals for them and have chosen a curriculum or method and materials that work well for you. But what ... Read More »

Schedule Ideas for Home-Schooling Multiple Ages?

Creating a schedule for home-schooling children of differing ages requires some flexibility, given the differing needs of each student. Smaller children may need more one-on-one time, for example, ... Read More »

Schooling for Preschoolers at Home?

Children ages three through five can begin learning through a preschool program. Children are like sponges and parents can take advantage of this by setting aside time each day for their preschool-... Read More »

At-Home Science Activities for Preschoolers & Parents?

Children learn best with a hands-on approach to learning. A preschooler's world is explored with their senses. They need to see, feel or taste in order to grasp some concepts. Science at this age i... Read More »