How do I hem men's dress pants?

Answer Pin the hem of the pants to the correct length. You can do this by measuring the wearer's legs from waist to where you want the pants to end or simply have him wear the pants, with shoes, and pin t... Read More »

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How to turn a mens oversized button up shirt into a dress?

I wouldn't add one stitch!! I would not only leave it in tact, I would keep the collar and sleeves buttoned. I would wear a petite black(lady) tie. I would add a wide style black belt to give it... Read More »

Help with my crumpled Dress Pants?

Wash again with cold water, washing clothes in water that's too hot for certain material will cause it to wrinkle badly.So wash with cold water and then put in the dryer or hang on the line after g... Read More »

How do i cuff men's dress pants?

Pull the dress pants on or have the person who will wear them try them on. Use tailor's chalk to mark where you want the top of the cuffs to be. Take the pants off and measure 3 inches below this m... Read More »

How to Fold Dress Pants?

Dress pants can be used for both men and women alike.Any color or size, you'd want to keep them nice and off the floor.