How do I help break my husband's addiction to Wikipedia battling?

Answer Given the extremely adversarial nature of Wikipedia, it is hard to believe your story is either false or unique.I would venture to guess that you have enough information to impersonate him on Wikip... Read More »

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How to Break the Addiction of Tea?

- So you can have milk-shake or cold/hot coffee. - keep "souf" in mouth so you may not feel to have drink or eat. - Til is also good, roasted will feels crunchy so may enjoy.Black til is more nutri... Read More »

How to Break a Sims 2 Addiction?

Many have been put in a trance by the graphical wonders of The Sims 2, and won't leave your computer screen for a bag of cookies, then read this and fast!

How to Break a Halo Addiction?

a real and threatening addictionHalo, as you dear reader already know, is a highly addictive game. Addicts, for example, me, are completely drawn into this multi\single player game, and desperately... Read More »

How to Break a Neopets Addiction?

Want to stop playing on Neopets all the time? The trick is to concentrate on something else. Anything else. Read this guide.