How do I help being underweight?

Answer Eat carbs that have a low glycemic index. Foods like oatmeal, rice (not the minute white rice), 100% whole wheat breads. They digest and absorb slower but don't spike your insulin like sugary fast ... Read More »

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Am i TOO underweight?

Oh my! Lions and Tigers Anorexics and Bears@!! Yes, you are! Yes you are! (to the tune of Obama "yes we can" ) Now you must eat something yummy preferably, that will get you going, try some lasagna... Read More »

How much is underweight?

Although most health concerns revolve around excess weight and obesity, being underweight is also associated with definite health risks, such as malnutrition and poor growth. Low body weight is eas... Read More »

How do you know your underweight?

Usually, you can just go to the doctor and they'll tell you. If nto, the WII fit does when it analyzes your body.

I want to be underweight.?

You are well on your way to a eating disorder and an unhealthy life. Turn it around. You need to eat and you are a perfect weight now.