How do I help an alcoholic spouse?

Answer Alcoholism is a disease that affects families in many ways--emotionally, physically and financially. If you have an alcoholic spouse, there is help for you and your loved ones; you don't have to su... Read More »

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How can I help my alcoholic spouse?

Alcohol related problems and issues cost Americans approximately $200 billion each year. But that's nothing compared to the emotional costs the effects of chronic alcoholism can have on a marriage.... Read More »

How do you help an alcoholic spouse?

According to the World Health Organization, 76 million people in 2004 had issues resulting from alcohol addiction. A alcohol-dependent spouse can bring heartbreak and devastation to a family, espec... Read More »

Can an employer legally deny coverage for a spouse if the spouse's employer offers health insurance and the spouse is pregnant?

Can a spouse drop or cancel insurance on the other spouse if that spouse has no other coverage This for the state of Florida The husband has cancer and the wife wants to drop him from her insurance?

Answer Why would the wife want to do that? Check the Family Law Code in your State - she's probably responsible for any debts that her husband incurs.Check with the Insurance Company - they will p... Read More »