How do I heal stomach gastritis symptoms naturally?

Answer If you are experiencing gastritis--irritation of your stomach lining--you know the symptoms: inflammation, abdominal indigestion, gas, vomiting, nausea, hiccups, belching, bloating, a burning sensa... Read More »

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How do you heal stomach gastritis symptoms naturally?

Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach caused by a variety of conditions that can affect the stomach wall and lining. Major surgery, alcohol consumption, aspirin consumption, a diet rich in f... Read More »

I suffer chronically with Gastritis, recently admitted to hospital due to 3 litres of bile in my stomach?

You don't have a gallbladder and that is what controls the bile in your body. Normally bile isn't a dark green color but it does range from yellow to light green. You don't need to wait until Jun... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of Acid Reflux Gastritis in Dogs?

Maintaining good health in your pet can be difficult. You must closely monitor the pet's behavior and attitude to make sure it is not suffering from any illness. Acid reflux gastritis is a conditio... Read More »

How to Heal Your Thyroid Naturally?

The thyroid gland is found just below the voice box in the neck and controls the amount of thyroxin being produced and released in the body. The most common condition related to the thyroid is hypo... Read More »