How do I heal a deep cut on my eyebrow?

Answer DON'T pick the scab. Let it heal on its own, put neosporin on at night. Once he scab is gone if you have a scar wait one week if its still there use bio oil on it which you can get from Target or cvs

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How long does it take for an eyebrow piercing to heal up?

u do know you have to be 16 to get a piercing right? anyways id advise you NOT to get it done till uve finished school.. not because of your age but because it will hurt and also might get infected... Read More »

How do you heal a deep cut?

always clean it and put bandage if needed. NEVER touch the tissues inside the wound.

How long will a deep cut take to heal?

Was there a pus development? A gooey yellowish liquid?You just keep it tight (but not too tight to turn it blue), then keep the bandage as is (try not to soil the bandage so you won't move and chan... Read More »

How long will my deep cut heal?

you really should have gotten stitches. The palm of the hand is exposed to frequent washing and movement of the skin. The sutures would have closed it. Now scar tissue has to form as the wound e... Read More »