How do I heal a bruise back?

Answer your husband should seek for a medical check up in case his vertebral skeleton not intact

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How to Heal a Bruise?

All of us face the challenge of bruises at one time or another. It takes time for a bruise to heal, but there are ways of speeding along the healing process.

What can i do to heal my bruise?

well if heat doesn't work, maybe ice will do it. my mom got one of those after a nurse was "having fun" searching her vain for like 5 minutes. but hers didn't get as bad as yours, and it just went ... Read More »

How to heal bruise quickly?

Well what i do is very basic and simple and least to hurt. Take an ice cube and wrap it in paper towel or a small hand towel. Then place it LIGHTLY on your bruise. If this makes it hurt, Try restin... Read More »

How long does it take a bruise to heal?