How do I have free cable?

Answer Who knows about how you got free cable, but you definitely know what you are going to do with it, right? What I would do is ride it out as long as I can, wait until the cable company catches their ... Read More »

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Does dtv or hdtv mean u get free cable?

Since you are using your TV with an antenna, starting in Feb,2009, the government is taking away the analog signal. You will have to get a converter box to get digital signals. I believe you can on... Read More »

How to Get Free Digital Cable?

Digital cable provides an improvement in both sound and picture quality from traditional versions of cable.Unfortunately, it can be quite costly. By getting free digital cable, you can see your exp... Read More »

Why do most people pay for cable when you can have it for free via satellite?

You have to get your internet somehow. Armstrong Cable where I am provides phone, internet, and cable as a package deal that you simply can't beat. If you watch a particular show everyday you will ... Read More »

How to Get Free Cable Channels on Your Existing Account?

You have probably seen ads in your mailbox, on TV or on the Internet for special low-price deals on cable or satellite TV packages. These special deals exist to attract new customers to sign up fo... Read More »