How do I have free cable?

Answer Who knows about how you got free cable, but you definitely know what you are going to do with it, right? What I would do is ride it out as long as I can, wait until the cable company catches their ... Read More »

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Why do most people pay for cable when you can have it for free via satellite?

You have to get your internet somehow. Armstrong Cable where I am provides phone, internet, and cable as a package deal that you simply can't beat. If you watch a particular show everyday you will ... Read More »

Where can you watch online tv for free please help !!!!! i dont have cable im bored ?

http://www.hulu.comRegister and you can get to the official streaming video sites of several TV networks. From there you can see current and older TV shows, as well as trailers and other features a... Read More »

I have cable in other rooms of my house but i want to install it in my room but i dont have a cable outlet!?

I did this in my house: get a drill and drill a hole in your wall which has a room on the other side of it with cable. Then, attach a splitter to the cable in the other room, and attach a new cab... Read More »

How do I hook up cable on a HD TV that does not have the coaxial cable input just the digital ?

You need an HD Tuner. Or get DirecTV HD, or DisHD, and they will give you what you need.