How do I harvest onion seeds?

Answer Find the UmbelThe umbel is a rounded cluster from which many small flowers will emerge if it is left alone. Onion umbels are near the top of the bladelike green stalk that sprouts from the center o... Read More »

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How to Grow & Harvest Onion Sets?

Planting onion sets produces scallions and large bulb onions. Onion sets are produced from planting seed in the midsummer of the growing season. The sets are then stored over the winter and then pl... Read More »

Red Onion Sets: From Planting to Harvest Time?

Red onions are one of the most popular vegetables for giving food flavor. Given the frequency with which they appear in recipes, the home gardener may want to grow them himself. Using red onion set... Read More »

Are nigella seeds onion seeds?

Nigella seeds come from a flower of the buttercup family. The black seeds are also known as "black cumin." Although frequently thought to be onion seeds, they are not the same. Nigella seeds are w... Read More »

How to use onion seeds with honey...?

whatcha trying to do with the honey and onion seeds?That information might help you get a good answer.As far as I know you can do what ever you want with onion seeds and honey...