How do I harvest fennel bulbs?

Answer Cut From the GroundCut through the root below the bulb with a clean, sharp knife. Harvest fennel bulbs at any stage, but do not let the bulb grow larger than 3 inches in diameter, advises Organic G... Read More »

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How do i harvest fennel?

Harvesting LeavesSnip leaves from the plant with a pair of clean, sharp scissors. Harvest leaves anytime during the growing season, whenever you want to add fennel to a dish.Harvesting BulbsClip th... Read More »

How do i harvest fennel plants?

Harvesting Fennel SeedsWait until fennel seeds have turned brown before harvesting. Avoid waiting too long after they've browned, because they may dry and burst. Store harvested seeds in a paper ba... Read More »

How do I harvest sweet fennel?

LeavesSnip the sweet fennel leaves once the plant is about 6 inches tall. Cut the top 2 or 3 inches of leaves to ensure future growth. Freeze the clippings for later use in a sealed plastic bag or ... Read More »

How to Use Fennel Bulbs?

Fennel bulbs aren't to everyone's taste but they are delicious if you like them. If you're stumped for how to prepare and use them, here is what to do.