How do I hang a wreath on vinyl siding?

Answer Finding the Right AreaLook for a desirable area to hang your wreath. Avoid placing the wreath close to seams in the siding. The weight of the wreath may weaken the seam. Place a step stool or ladde... Read More »

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How do I hang decorations on vinyl siding?

Purchase hooks that are specifically designed for hanging objects on vinyl siding. There are several brands to choose from at your local home improvement store.Slide the hook between two pieces of ... Read More »

How do I hang gutters on vinyl siding?

Mark the eaves 1/2 inch from the roof line and at intervals of 6 to 8 feet. This will be your line for installation. Snap the hanging hooks onto the gutters at 2-foot intervals. Have someone hold t... Read More »

How do I hang things from vinyl siding?

Hang Things on Vinyl SidingMark the areas where you would like to hang items with a pencil. Measure out the right dimensions if you are hanging a large item that requires you to secure it in severa... Read More »

How do I hang items on vinyl siding?

Clean the Vinyl SidingWipe dust and dirt from the vinyl siding with a clean rag where you intend to hang your item. Use a stainless steel sliding hook purchased from a home improvement store.Slide ... Read More »