How do I hang a plate on the wall?

Answer MaterialsBuy plate hangers, picture brackets and picture nails. You also need a collection of plates. Make sure you buy plate hangers in varying sizes to accommodate different sizes of plates.Plate... Read More »

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How do you hang a plate on a wall w out seeing the hardware?

this is about the only way I could find!

How to Hang a Wall Light Fixture Next to the Bed on the Wall?

Hanging a new wall light fixture to replace a fixture near your bed (or on any other part of the wall) is an easier project than you might think. The new fixture simply goes in place of the existin... Read More »

Should I paint on my bedroom wall or on a canvas and then hang it on my bedroom wall?

Painting on drywall or gypsum always has drawbacks even tho it is nice and flat and firm. Definitely use canvass or even heavy white cotton or denim. Canvass definitely needs to be controlled and... Read More »

How do I hang a TV on the wall?

Mark in pencil where you want your TV to hang. The most common height for hanging has the center point of the TV screen at eye level when viewers are sitting. Use a carpenter's level to ensure that... Read More »