How do I grow trees indoors?

Answer ChoicesChoose a tree such as a citrus variety that grows well indoors. Plant them in 15- to 20-gallon pot to allow for at least 10 feet of growth. Plant in pots that have bottom drainage holes. Pla... Read More »

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How to Grow Lemon Trees Indoors?

Tending a small lemon tree in your home can be a delightful aromatic experience. While the thought of growing a tree inside a house or apartment may seem daunting to beginners, it is not as difficu... Read More »

How do I grow avocado trees indoors?

StartingPierce the bottom of an avocado seed with a toothpick three or four times. Fill a vase or jar halfway with water. Suspend the seed over the water so that the bottom half of the seed is subm... Read More »

How do I grow citrus trees indoors?

Select the Right VarietyDo not try to grow full sized citrus trees inside. It will become too large and will need constant repotting. Select a dwarf variety instead.Daily CareKeep your indoor citru... Read More »

Can I grow lemon and orange trees indoors?

It is possible to grow orange and lemon trees indoors. They need fertile soil and five to six hours of sunlight per day. Pests are usually not a problem with indoor citrus trees, but unhealthy tree... Read More »