How do I grow the hottest peppers?

Answer Choose the smallest pepper available to grow. As a rule of thumb, the smaller a pepper is the hotter it will be. The world's hottest pepper is the Naga Jolokia, surpassing the habanero and the ser... Read More »

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What Are The Hottest Peppers On The US Market?

the worlds hottest pepper (scientific proof [in my source {has hotness scale}]) is the naga jolokia pepper. next 3 hottest are the dorset naga, then the chocolate brown habanero, finally the famous... Read More »

How to Grow Hot Peppers?

The heat of hot peppers is an acquired taste, but to many who enjoy them, the hotter the better. There are many types of hot peppers with varying degrees of heat, used to add a kick to recipes or i... Read More »

How to Grow Green Peppers?

Green peppers.Growing green peppers can be an ideal option for any would-be gardener. With a little hard work and care, you can nurture pepper plants into producing vibrant and hearty green vegetab... Read More »

How do I grow tomato peppers?

Plant tomato peppers in sandy loam-type soil in a sunny or partially sunny location after the last frost in the spring when daytime temperatures reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix well-aged compost o... Read More »