How do I grow lupine flowers?

Answer PlantingChoose a sunny or partially shady location for your lupine. Till the soil to loosen it and remove preexisting plant growth. If you have heavy clay soil, mix sand and aged compost into it pr... Read More »

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How do I dry lupine flowers?

Remove LeavesUsing small scissors, snip the leaves off the stems of the lupine flowers. Snip the ends of the stems so that the bunch is even.Hang FlowersTie a string or pipe cleaner around the stem... Read More »

How do i grow lupine?

Sow Lupine SeedSow lupine seed in spring after all danger of frost has passed. Select a location with full to partial shade conditions. Lupine seed can be harvested from existing plants after bloom... Read More »

How many flowers can grow at once?

Other than tomatoes what can you grow with the hydroponic method can you grow hydroponic flowers also?

You can grow heaps of plants, i grow plants using hydroponics and i grow tomatoes, strawberries,chillis. Yes you can grow flowers using hydroponics, you can plant them when they are seeds or seedli... Read More »