How do I grow goji berries in Hawaii?

Answer Hawaii ConditionsGoji berries are typically grown in Asia, and in other dry climates, but have adapted well to the climate in Hawaii. They seem to do better on the windward side of the island where... Read More »

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How do I grow Goji berries?

Where to PlantPlant a mature Goji berry plant (also known as wolfberry) or cutting in an area with full sun in a warm, dry climate (USDA zones 5 through 10) and in sandy, well-drained soil. Make s... Read More »

How do I grow goji berries from seeds?

PlantingExtract the seeds from a dried goji berry and plant them in two large clay pots with organic matter and regular potting soil that is well drained. Goji berries, which contain 20 to 30 seeds... Read More »

Will goji berries grow in Florida?

Goji berries, Lycium chinense, or Chinese desert thorn is a plant in the potato family. It is currently being grown commercially from Georgia north to British Columbia and in California. Some subs... Read More »

How do I eat goji berries?

TeaBoil 5 to 15g of dried goji berries to make tea. According to the University of Michigan Health System, this is how goji berries were often used in traditional Chinese medicine.BerriesEat whole ... Read More »