How do I grow geraniums from cuttings?

Answer Fill a cup or small pot with moist sand. Cut a 3- to 5-inch shoot off the tip of a healthy geranium. Remove the lower leaves from the stem.Dip the bottom 1/2 inch of the cutting into rooting hormon... Read More »

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How to Grow Scented Geraniums From Cuttings?

Geraniums are classified as a short-lived perennial because they will live for more than one season. These plants come in a wide range of colors and may be grown in the ground for color in beds and... Read More »

How do i take cuttings of geraniums?

Clean ToolsWash a small plant pot with soapy water. Rinse the container with 1 part bleach and 9 parts water. Dip a sharp knife in the bleach solution to sterilize the blade. This cleaning eliminat... Read More »

How to Propagate Geraniums from Cuttings?

Geraniums, otherwise known as pelargoniums, are easily propagated from cuttings in Spring and Autumn. There will be a few steps before a video explaining the process in detail. You need a warm plac... Read More »

How to Grow Geraniums in Pots?

Colorful geraniums make a wonderful addition to container gardens. The blooms, which usually appear in pink, purple, white, or red flower clusters last from mid-spring to early fall when cared for ... Read More »