How do I grow agave?

Answer PlantingChoose a location for the agave plant that receives full sun exposure. Make sure there is enough room for it to grow to full size without encroaching on sidewalks, decks or porches. Agave g... Read More »

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How to Grow Agave From Seed?

Agaves are a genus of 225 to 300 succulent plants in the Agavaceae family. The fleshy leaves grow in a spiral or rosette pattern from the center of the plant. The sides and tips of most agave speci... Read More »

How many species of agave grow in mexico?

Mexico has at least 523 to 570 native species of agave plants, or about 95 percent of the family to which the agave belongs, Agavaceae. There are from 550 to 600 known species worldwide.Source:Biod... Read More »

Is agave caustic?

The sap of an agave plant is caustic enough to cause skin inflammation that's severe enough to produce blisters. The juice can also irritate your eyes. It's recommended that goggles and gloves be w... Read More »

What is an agave?

Agave plants are a variety of desert succulents which originated in the arid regions of the Southern United States, Mexico and Central America. They are grown for their edible uses and for decorati... Read More »