How do I graph problems on an HP 50g?

Answer Press the "Left Shift" key on the alpha numeric keypad and then press the "F4" function key. Move the cursor (using the arrow keys) to the "EQ" menu selection and then press the "EDIT" menu label. ... Read More »

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How to Graph Math Problems?

Any algebraic equation can be represented by a line on a graph. Depending on the variables, the line can be straight or curved. Equations that create straight lines are called "linear" equations, a... Read More »

How to Graph Problems With Two Variable Relationships?

In Algebra class, you will frequently be called upon to graph problems with two-variable relationships, such as equations of the form y = ax + b or y = x^n - a. Regardless of the form of your equat... Read More »

How to Graph Linear Equation Word Problems?

Linear equations form a straight line when graphed. Graphing linear equations is simple, especially when your equation is expressed in slope-intercept form (y = mx + b). However, sometimes you will... Read More »

How to Graph Linear Equations With Graph Calculators?

Being able to graph linear equations on a graphing calculator is an important skill to have because it can save a lot of time. Graphing by hand is imprecise and difficult and calculators can perfor... Read More »