Thinking about taking a train across country I have a one year old and a two year old... and my husband and I were thinking about taking the tram from California to Oklahoma. Any feeback Thaks?

Answer Yes, if there is no father's name or signature on the birth certificate everything should be fine. If there is, you would have to get that person on the birth certificate, whether father or not, to... Read More »

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Why would a step child lie about abuse of a step parent?

Because that's not there real dad or mom and they dislike or have problems about them.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Or because they se... Read More »

Step by step how should a director of a childcare center respond to a complaint about child/staff ratio?

I would schedule a conference with the parent...a time to talk , children or staff phones no interruptions...and that is how i would set it up...all cells off time to a d... Read More »

Question about taking insulin resistance and taking Metformin?

Your glucose levels are normal, but you have an increased amount of insulin? Metformin increases the utilization of glucose, decreases the production of glucose, and alters the intestinal absorptio... Read More »

What's the next step after Blu-ray and HD-DVD?

35 mm film can be scanned at 2000-4000 line vertical resolution (compare to 1080), so there is still room for older movies to be improved past 1080p for digital presentation. Most masters being don... Read More »