How do I go about setting up a computer security camera?

Answer Wireless system packages may be the way to go here...a bit pricey any way you look @ it.Google for 'home security/video cams' or similar.After acquisition & deployment, try this application to tie ... Read More »

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How do I connect a security camera to a computer?

Computer CamerasPurchase a camera that has a USB connection. You can get an extra long cable, or you can purchase a wireless camera that has a USB base that you plug into your computer. One end of ... Read More »

When i switch my computer on my monitor display setting keep changing . i have to adjust setting every time.?

Hi,Please do the following-Right click your desktop> Properties> Settings tab and at the lower right yu'll c Advanced tab. Click on it.Here yu'll find three radio buttons under 'After I change Disp... Read More »

What is the difference between setting a computer to hibernate and setting it to sleep?

Hibernate saves the current state (RAM contents, etc) to the hard drive and shuts down completely. On starting up, the state is resumed from the hard disk.Sleep (or suspend) keeps everything intact... Read More »

I record videos from my computer monitor using the motion picture setting on my digital camera When I playback videos I see waves and ripples across the video How can I prevent or reduce the waves?

The Nikon F-401 (N4004 in North America) was an,, (SLR) http://wiki.answers.... Read More »