Asking about megapixels?

Answer pixels are the dots: a megapixel is 1 billion of them. Since more pixels = higher resolution pictures, a higher megapixel number is better. If you just want a good camera without spending a whole... Read More »

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A question about asking on Tumblr?

It doesn't need to be a question, it could be a complement, or even hate if your a meanie. But don't do that.

I need help about asking to wear makeup?

Id say it really depends on your age. My parents didn't let me wear makeup until i was in eighth grade. I'd say as long as you are in sixth or seventh grade you're fine. Has your mom ever said anyt... Read More »

Why is no one asking questions here about the recent flu outbreak?

Fear keeps people from asking questions. We need to function based on love rather than fear. All of us. If they are curbing the talk on swine flu, we know what that means. btw :))) Thanks for the a... Read More »

What are the three sea shells used for (that Sly was asking about)?

It's never said in the movie exactly HOW they're used, but they somehow have replaced toilet paper to clean yourself after going to the bathroom. I can't even BEGIN to imagine...: ).