How do I give estimates on a cleaning job?

Answer Estimates for cleaning jobs can be difficult to measure if you have not done this type of work professionally. You are providing a service, and it must be properly priced, not just for the customer... Read More »

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How to Give Auto Repair Estimates?

Perhaps you or your friends don't know enough about cars to say if the mechanic's estimate for fixing the latest problem is fair or not. Don't despair: Even if you don't know an alternator from a h... Read More »

Do you like to give the house a good cleaning before the New Year?

When are tax estimates due?

Taxpayers can pay estimated taxes in full on April 15. However, if they choose to pay in four equal payments, then estimated taxes are due on April 15, June 15, September 15 and January 15. If thes... Read More »

How to Compare Estimates?

Estimates are usually calculations by professionals regarding the cost and time to repair a home or car or other major item. It's important to research the company or business providing the estimat... Read More »