How do I get wikipedia page about myself?

Answer That's not a social network, so this is a really bad idea. Do read… .

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Can I make a wikipedia page about myself?

Absolutely. If you can make Wikipedia articles about fictional axe murderers as if they actually existed, surely you can make a Wikipedia article about yourself. If you want the article about you t... Read More »

How can I make a wikipedia page about myself?

Yes, it can be done and a few have done it. However, you need to have a friend in the wiki ruling elite (a/k/a the Frei Kultur Kinder Korps) willing to run interference for you, otherwise you woul... Read More »

How do I create a wikipedia page for myself?

You have to apply, bry. Click on the "Apply To Wikipedia For Page On Self" link and the system'll take you through the process in 17 easy steps. And don't worry about your "level of fame" concerns.... Read More »

Can I make an article about myself on Wikipedia?

No, you can't. We discourage writing autobiographies at Wikipedia. If you are considered notable enough for inclusion, writing for yourself involves conflict of interest.To be notable enough, hit t... Read More »