How do I get water out of my ears?

Answer A few drops of rubbing alchol or a product called Swimmers Ear but if you have pain then you need to see a doctor in case you have an infection.

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How to Remove Water from Ears?

It is annoying and sometimes painful to get water in your ears, and if left there, it can cause ear infections. Try these simple ideas to get the water out of your ears.

How to Protect Ears From Water?

Water can enter the ear from various sources such as showering, bathing or swimming. While many times the water will drain back out of the ear, sometimes it doesn't. This can present a problem if b... Read More »

How do you get water out of your ears, after a shower or swimming?

Use peroxide to clean out the wax in your ears

What is the safest way to remove water from your ears?

Swimmers ear drops it has alcohol in it but dont put q-tips in cause your not supposed to but anything smaller then your pinky in your ear