How do I get this ring un-stuck?

Answer One thing that we've done in the past and works well is using a thin string ( dental floss or heavy thread), and start wrapping it tightly at the first knuckle. Keep wrapping it tightly around your... Read More »

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How Do I Get a Lip Ring Out That Is Stuck?

Body piercing is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. Over the past 20 years, body piercings in the navel and lip became mainstream. Occasionally, a piercing can get stuck and be... Read More »

How do i get my stuck nose ring out?

Well if you have tried almost everything, then maybe you should go to a walk in clinic and get a doctor to help you.

How to Get a Stuck Ring off Your Finger?

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How to Unscrew a Lip Ring If It's Stuck?

Some lip rings have a ball at one end which screws onto the metal ring or post to keep it in place. The lip ring can become difficult to remove when there is a buildup of residue around the ball or... Read More »