How do I get the static out of my hair?

Answer While static is a common complaint among people with thin or fine hair, static electricity buildup during the dry winter months can annoy people with any type of hair. Wearing hats, being in the wi... Read More »

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Is there a hair product on the market that REALLY works for static in you hair What store can I find it in?

How to Fix Static Hair?

During the winter months, hair static can be a real fashion problem. The condition stems from static build-up, especially during dry air conditions. When the air is dry and friction is applied to y... Read More »

How to Rid Hair of Static?

Nothing ruins a good hairstyle quite like static. It causes unsightly frizz, ruins curls and makes your otherwise beautiful locks rise up in random directions, turning your once-perfect mane into a... Read More »

How to Treat Static Hair?

Flyaway hair is caused by dry hair or a buildup of static electricity, and can be very frustrating when styling your hair or when trying to keep a style in place. The key to taming static hair is t... Read More »