How do I get the power of attorney rights taken off?

Answer StepsWrite or type a statement to the effect that "I, (your name), hereby revoke, cancel and terminate the power of attorney dated ___________ appointing (name of your agent or the person whom you ... Read More »

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What are the other sibling rights to mother's property if one sibling has power of attorney and the other sibling never left home and is over forty years of age?

Power of Attorney is to give the sibling mentioned and acknowledged by the mother to perform their affairs when the mother cannot such as paying bills; investing money, etc., and no one else can ta... Read More »

If you have power of attorney over a baby can you sign that power over to someone else?

No. Generally, a parent executes a power of attorney in order to give another adult the authority to make decisions for their child for only a short period such as when the child will be in the car... Read More »

What is a civil rights attorney?

Civil rights are constitutionally guaranteed rights that are the same for all citizens, regardless of their race, sex, age, religion or any disability they may have. Civil rights attorneys are the ... Read More »

How to Become a Human Rights Attorney?

Human rights lawyers advocate on behalf of people suffering from persecution, abuse, and rights violations around the world. Using the courts as a means for stopping actions against their clients o... Read More »