How do I get the ip address on my printer from changing?

Answer Really to involved to go into on here but try the following website for guidance.

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Why does my IP address keep changing?

Most Internet companies will give you a dynamic ip address. Meaning, it changes. A static address is often available at an extra charge. If you are trying to remotely access your pc you can setup a... Read More »

What excuse should I use as a reason for changing my email address?

If you can't be honest - which is what I would recommend - then just say you're getting too much spam.

Brother Printer Won't Work After Changing Ink Cartidge?

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How do i find the address of my printer?

did it move ? ( if it was made in the last few years it should be plug-and-play but you may have to download drivers if you don't have the original disc ) GO TO printers and open if it's not listed... Read More »