How do I get the hospital to take me seriously...?

Answer Her doctor can help you there. He say how long she needs to stay. However, depending on her insurance coverage for what is effecting her health, it really could be an issue of money. And the pri... Read More »

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How to Not Take Yourself Too Seriously?

If you take life too seriously and never have the give or flexibility to see the funnier side of things that happen to you or you can't be a bit goofy now and then, it's probable you are easily ups... Read More »

How seriously do you take movie reviews?

I generally don't care about movie reviews too much. All a review really tells me is whether or not the reviewer liked the movie, and (usually) why. That's all well and good, but that doesn't neces... Read More »

How to get the kids to take me seriously as a volunteer?

The staff should be supporting your efforts. They should introduce you formally to the class to begin with. "Boys and girls, this is Ms. Soandso. She is our friend and she is here to help teach ... Read More »

Why do actors take themselves so seriously?

Oh, they are laughing all the way to the bank because people are watching their movies and checking them out online, its all about the media. Yes, in reality, its just another job for someone.No, t... Read More »