How do I get the Image Verification CAPTCHA to appear?

Answer it may be because of some of the scripts are blocked in you pc or the browser. try another browser or check you browser settings

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How to Make a Captcha Image Appear when It's Not Showing Up?

If the CAPTCHA image does not show up, this article can help you out.

Why dont the image files in wikipedia appear on my browser?

Some browsers don't automatically update the adobe flash player, or sometimes the security settings in your computer prevent automatic updates. You probably need to go get the newest adobe flash.J... Read More »

Pictures appear fuzzy in the Chrome browser after the Google Image change?

Try this: 1. Google Chrome -> Wrench -> Options -> Under the Hood/Bonnet -> Content Settings button -> Click on Images: make sure Make sure that 'Show all images' is checked.2. Wrench -> Options ->... Read More »

Does anyone know how can I have an image/ icon next to my domain name which would appear in the web browser?

Hi Peter,What you are talking about is a "favicon". What you need to do is create a file called favicon.ico (It must be called this!) and place it in your root directory on your web page.This site... Read More »